Some youths in Cowdray Park suburb of Bulawayo are cashing in on the booming construction industry, and have come together to set up a brick molding business to supply residents who are in need of the commodity.

At a time when most youths are eager to secure employment and have spent years submitting application letters hoping to get job openings, youths in suburb have decided their own destiny by setting up a brick molding business.

The group is producing over 3000 bricks per day and they say business is booming as people continue to place orders to work on their housing development projects.

This project is in line with government vision of empowering people to establish their own projects and sustain themselves.

However, the group needs support to buy more brick molding machines to increase their production.

Currently, they have one machine and are depending on manual brick molding technology.

The construction industry continues to grow as people, especially the Diaspora, are investing in property development.

Suppliers of building materials have registered an increase in business recently as people go on an overdrive to invest in property.