Bulawayo residents have called for the voter registration process to be eased to promote maximum participation in the electoral process.

This came out during a public hearing on the Electoral Amendment Bill and the Insolvency Bill, chaired by members of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

Despite a low turnout at the outreach programme that took place at the Small City Hall, the event was characterised by candid contributions from the residents.

It was however clear that the participants had more interest and knowledge in the Electoral Amendment Bill than the other bill.

Chief among the concerns raised was the issue of ensuring that more people are registered by way of doing away with some of the requirements that are currently impeding the process.

A call against the use of hate speech by political players was also stressed, while others reiterated that more time was needed for the registration program.

While the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee indicated that theirs was to just receive the public’s opinions, they were challenged to ensure the views raised were implemented if people were to retain confidence in the public hearing programmes.

Zimbabwe will next year holds general elections with the bio-metric voter registration (BVR) process already underway.