The conversation on Bulawayo industrial revival is challenging all business people in the City of Kings and Queens to create a culture of hard work and utilisation of abundant local talent.

“Once you create a culture of success it replicates success. Bulawayo has very talented people, we have the ideas, let us create an ecosystem that allows us to succeed as business people,” a local business leader and member of the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC), Mr Busisa Moyo said.

Popularly known as Kontuthuziyathunqa, meaning the smoking city because of its industry, Bulawayo was the industrial hub of the nation.While a lot has changed as most industries closed shop due to illegal sanctions which culminated in a lot of other productivity challenges, all is not lost according to Mr Moyo.

“If we don’t have forex in Bulawayo when we have gold all around us, it does not make sense. Decisions for Bulawayo businesses must also be made in Bulawayo,” said Mr Moyo.

Discussions on reviving Bulawayo are inspired by the devolution concept which government is convinced will create huge economic revival opportunities.

Through devolution, Bulawayo has been warned to brace for huge gains as the province creates its own gross domestic product (GDP).

There is a sense of pulling together in one direction among both political and business leaders as far as rebuilding what was once Kontuthuziyathunqa’s industry.

Riding on the devolution concept, most are convinced Zimbabwe is charting the right development course.