Local businessman, Ian Ross Waters, has approached the High Court filing an application of malicious prosecution in which he is claiming $750,000 from his former wife Arpana Waters (nee Patel), accusing her of causing his arrest and prosecution on false allegations of sexually assaulting their two minor children.

Waters argues that he was acquitted of the charges in September after having spent four months on remand.

“Plaintiff’s (Waters) claim against the defendant (Patel) is for the payment of $750,000 being damages for malicious arrest and prosecution, deprivation of freedom, discomfort and legal costs expended as a result of the first defendant’s wrongful conduct,” Waters said.

The businessman prosecution arose after he was charged with two counts of neglect of a child, two indecent assault charges and two aggravated indecent assault charges allegedly perpetrated on his two minor children.

The matter is pending before the court.