Agriculture is the back-bone of the economy, but when farmers come out in full force to get the highest yields, their efforts are often interpreted otherwise.

It is interesting that the government calls on farmers to produce as much as possible as a way of ensuring food security in the country.

However, due to cultural beliefs, those who produce the highest yields become the talk of their villages, for allegedly getting assistance from goblins.

Harvesting time is upon us and the bumper harvest and goblins link is dominating the discourse in most rural areas.

Also interestingly the maize produced by the same farmers is sold to the Grain Marketing Board and eventually bought by the same accusers as mealie meal in supermarkets.

Does that mean that part of the mealie meal consumed by Zimbabweans is from maize produced by goblins?

Are the goblins real or it is the magicians, better known as ‘Tsikamutandas’ to confuse and divide ordinary people in their villages.

One then wonders why some black communities regard the works of their fellow brothers in that regard when they have no problems appreciating the works of white farmers who produce more.

Weather the accusations are real or a myth, mother nature has and will always prove that the laziest of farmers always reap nothing.