Elderly inmates from Bumhudzo Old People’s Home today got a rare treat when they were taken on board, an aeroplane fulfilling many a dream.

The average executives takes air travel for granted but this group of elderly people boarding an aeroplane proved to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

It was a rare tour, often witnessed among the young who get such trips in the hope of broadening their educational horizon.

But at 80 and above, the inquisitive adrenalin rush would have surely subsided and having walked many of life’s path visits are not only now few but no longer exciting.

Ironically the same cannot be said of this trip when the elderly from Bumhudzo Old People’s Home visited Air Zimbabwe to get a feel of a flying bird the aeroplane, most of them undertaking the adventure for the first time.

Bumhudzo Old People’s Home administrator Major Christia Nyarauberu said it is their desire to always bring a smile on the faces of these elderly people by granting their wishes.

If the elderly were to get yet another chance to write the well-known composition “The day i will never forget”, who knows the Air Zimbabwe tour trip would surely appear in the books of some if not all of them.