A baker in Bulawayo has surpassed the expectations of many through her magnificent work of baking, where she specialises in wedding and birthday cakes among others for self sustenance.

Cynthia Jones started her work in 2006 after she quit her job in the banking sector and decided to follow her passion of baking.

According to Mrs Jones some of her orders include wedding, birthday cakes and these come on a daily basis both from within and outside the country.

She said she has started some baking classes for those willing to learn more, and also as a way of growing her business.

Mrs Jones also highlighted that her major challenge is the shortage of raw materials thus she has to travel long distances in order to get the supplies and provide reliable produce for her clients.

This was supported by her young sister Charlene Moyo who added that they are now hoping to advance their business venture.

With such productivity at a household level, Mrs Jones is determined to open a school so as to accommodate more students and help other women grow their businesses.