Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio Zimbabwe has taken up an initiative to assist a Five year old boy to raise one hundred and fifty three thousand Zimbabwean dollars for corrective surgery on a brain tumor.

Around this time last year, five year old Anotida Chidzinzwa was a bubbly  child running around and mumbling words like what is expected of any child of his age.

Then disaster struck, taking a huge strain on his life but his angelic face holds the strength of a fighter battling a brain tumor that has left him unable to do even the simplest of things including chewing.

It is a miracle the little boy is alive, but he is now racing against time with his only hope being the benevolence of Zimbabweans in raising the required one hundred and fifty three thousand  dollars for corrective surgery , which must be done this Monday.

Close to one hundred  thousand had been raised by mid-morning today, thanks to a fundraising initiative spearheaded by Zbc’s Radio Zimbabwe which dedicated over 12 hours of broadcasting to raise the required amount.

Anotida’s story has been a journey of pain and endurance.

Many have sacrificed to save the life of this little boy, even more touching are young people like Chrispen Tsokodai from Waterfalls who sacrificed their pocket money to assist in the fundraising effort.

Anotida is everyone’s child, even after surgery,  this is a life that will require further support.