The second edition of the book dedicated to the importance of African women’s role in political, economic and social systems has been unveiled this Africa Day.

While literacy levels seem to be on an increase among women, it is however the failure by the African women to venture into mainstream business activities, political systems and social structures that is worrisome.

“We Will Lead Africa – Women second edition or volume two highlights success stories of African women, identify some of the challenges as well as how responsible authorities can facilitate emancipation of women,” co- author of the book, Mrs Chengetai Maruziva said.

“We are grateful to the support that we have managed to get so it is a matter of time before we see the imminent results. We are really focusing on the relevant aspects that can shape this continent for the benefit of future nations,” she added.

We Will Lead Africa – Women was authored by Chengetai Maruziva, Sarah Owusu and Moyra Keane.

It is a book that also provides an insight on the contributions by some African women in order to inspire others in contributing to the development of the continent.