Retrieval of bodies of over 30 miners who drowned at Battlefields after the two mines they were working in were flooded is expected between tomorrow and the weekend.

The miners drowned after Silver Moon and Cricket Mines in Muzvezve were flooded following the collapse of a ridge to a water weir which resulted in water being released downstream.

The flowing mass of water filled up several shafts including two used by over 30 miners to get into mine tunnels.

The Civil Protection Department has since started pumping out water from the affected mines with the help of big mining companies and individuals.

Mines and Mining Development Deputy Minister Honourable Polite Kambamura said proactive ways of responding to mining disasters should be put in place after noting the delays in pumping out the water from the two fateful mines.

Several key figures and mining experts visited the sites of the tragedy and these include Muzvezve legislator Vangelis Haritatoes and several other concerned citizens.