A top Belarus investor has backed Zimbabwe’s economic reforms, saying the government is on track to attract local and external investments.

The past three weeks have been an eye opener for the Belarus investor, Mr Eugene Podgorny about Zimbabwe’s business opportunities in key sectors of the economy.

While his main interest is the mining or resource extracting industry, vast opportunities in the economy have seen Engineer Podgorny shifting focus to agriculture, energy, and manufacturing.

Zimbabwe is crafting fresh policies that will in the future create a positive platform for fresh capital inflows within the economy and Engineer Podgorny is impressed.

“Definitely, I am impressed with what I saw such that it is a matter of time before we can ensure that the deals can translate into overall economic development of the country,” he said.

Earlier this year, Zimbabwe and Belarus signed several deals worth millions of dollars across various economic sectors, as the global community continues to renew business confidence on the country.