The Beitbridge Town Council has announced plans to introduce pre-paid water meters next year saying the move will help recover the US$12 million debt that the local authority owes the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) in unpaid water bills.
In an interview with the ZBC News, Beitbridge Town Secretary Mr Loud Ramakgapola said while the introduction of prepaid water meters will go a long way in recovering the debt, the takeover of the purification plant by council from ZINWA will help address the high costs of the precious liquid currently charged by the parastatal.
The Beitbridge Residents Association has backed the decision by council to install prepaid water metres saying residents have an obligation to pay for water services.
The local authority which is owed a total of US$18 million by residents for water and other services has been employing debt recovery strategies to compel rate payers to own up.
Meanwhile, ZINWA is owed about US$33 million by local authorities in unpaid water bills