kyokushin.jpgThe border town of Beitbridge will be a hive of activity this coming Saturday when it hosts the Harare versus Beitbridge kickboxing championship.


The tournament known as Who is Who Kickboxing is in line with the Zimbabwe Kickboxing Association’s drive to stage regular competitions in a bid to expose fighters to constant competitive action.

The showdown this coming Saturday will mark the second time in a few weeks that Harare and Beitbridge kickboxers will be coming up against each other after another tournament early this month.

Three kickboxers, Nicholas Kurimira, Stanford Mpandira and Ronald Deketeke are looking forward to the impending challenge in the border town.

Ten kickboxers from Harare and Beitbridge will contest the Who’s Who Kickboxing Tournament which will be held at Omado in Beitbridge this coming Saturday.

Tatenda Takavarasha, Ronald Deketeke, Absolom Chiturumane, Stanford Mpandira and Nicholas Kurimira will represent Harare, while Ngoni Mphosa, Forget Mhazvi, Lloyd Chimhandamba, Mazwi Zwambila and Isaac Mhlanga will represent Beitbridge.