The use of anointed mantle in the modern day church. Is it a physical symbolism of God’s healing and deliverance power or a form of disguised idolatry?

A look at the modern day church, one cannot help but observe that most Christians have embraced anointed mantles believed to possess protection powers from deadly dangers and spiritual traps of this life on earth.

Salt, water, stones, oil, wristbands and bracelets to mention but a few are some of the popular objects or mantles used for protection or to perform various kinds of miracles in the church.

Shops selling these anointed ornaments have also sprouted.

Today the ZBC News went around seeking an understanding on the matter from various church leaders.

Bishop Steven Mangwanya of New United Apostolic Church and Apostle Benjamin Badza of New Life Pentecostal Church say anointed mantles are not part of God’s word, adding that people are abusing them to serve their commercial interests.

Pastor Shepherd Kazhanje of Antioch Church International and Apostle Francis Maurukira of Glorious Life Ministries argue that contrary to commercialisation and idolatry allegations, anointed mantles only work as a point contact in the spiritual warfare.

The debate will always remain irreconcilable among many of these ‘men of God’ and the acceptance of the power of mantles equally divergent among Christians.

One can only say, in this earthly human race, the race for survival has forced man to adopt survival instincts that sometimes throw out all reasoning power.