civil servants reps 20-07-11.jpgGovernment has reviewed civil servants’ housing and transport allowances while the basic salary remains unchanged. However, the move has been rejected by the Apex Council, which is now pushing for a new salary package by the end of June this year.

Following the failure by the government to meet the demands of the civil service salary increment, the Apex Council says it will with immediate effect appeal to the principals of the inclusive government for intervention to address their plight.

Government tabled this Tuesday a breakdown of housing and transport allowances across different grades.

According to the government offer, the lowest paid workers who include office orderlies had their transport allowance been reviewed from $44 to $63, with the housing allowance increased from $50 to $74.

The total package for workers in this grade has risen from $253 to $296, while those in the middle levels who include Diploma holding teachers had their transport allowances increased from $66 to $95 and the housing adjusted upwards from $65 to $94 with the total package increasing from $361 to $419.

Workers in high grades which include deputy directors and chief accountants had their  transport allowances increased  from $66 to $95,while housing allowances were raised from $$73 to $105, with the total package rising from $447 to $508. 

The Apex Council, which represents civil servants, has rejected the offer.

It has however called on civil servants to continue reporting for duty.

Representatives of various organisations which make up the Apex Council however bemoaned the move by government saying it is far below their expectations.

They called for an immediate review of the civil service basic salary structure.

On Wednesday last week, government offered the entire civil service a consolidated figure of US$240 million, prompting the Apex Council to call for the breakdown of the figure.