delegates attending the euromoney investment conference.jpgPolitical observers say the Euro-money Zimbabwe Investment Conference was never meant to be a business gathering, but a political platform meant to denigrate the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, while at the same time used by the MDC-T leadership to counter the National Anti-Sanctions Campaign Petition, which was launched last week.

MDC-T leadership never learns from its mistakes of trying to hijack public platforms to score political goals as attempted by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai when he addressed a politically motivated gathering disguised as an investment conference.


Political and economic commentator, Mr Jonathan Kadzura described Mr Tsvangirai, a principal in the Global Political Agreement,  as a confused leader who does not know what to say, when and where.

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State Enterprises and Parastatals Deputy Minister, Cde Walter Chidhakwa said the composition of the panelists invited under the Euro-money Conference indicates the MDC-T’s deep rooted dependence on European donors, whose known and confirmed agenda is to unseat a constitutionally elected government of President Robert Mugabe and replace him with a white man in blackman’s skin.

Political scientist, Professor Jonathan Moyo, also raised concerns over the timing of the conference, saying it was probably countering the anti-sanctions campaign, which is expected to see the government intensifying the takeover of British-owned companies whose country imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“The timing of the conference raises more questions than answers as it is suspiciously being held to dilute the anti-sanctions petition campaign,” he said.

Ironically, the sponsors of the so-called conference celebrated the elevation of Mr Tendai Biti two years ago to the position of Finance Minister and awarded him dubious prize money of being the best Finance Minister in Africa, hardly two months into office.

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This, observers say, stinks of hypocrisy to invite President Robert Mugabe to officiate at a politically incorrect gathering of former colonisers, supping with the MDC-T ministers and unfaithful signatories to the Global Political Agreement who have refused to acknowledge the effects of the illegal sanctions on ordinary Zimbabweans.

The criticism of Prime Minister Tsvangirai has also came from stakeholders in the political and economic spheres, who described the Primier’s utterances as hypocritical and misplaced.


In his address at the conference, the MDC-T leader claimed that Zanu-PF has let him down in his attempts to ensure that sanctions are banished through increasing violence.

“The MDC-T leader’s statements are disappointing for a nation looking to rejuvenate itself as a safe investment destination,” Zanu-PF Mhondoro Ngezi House of Assembly Member, Cde Bright Matonga said.

Local business people are also furious at the Prime Minister’s statements.
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With statistics from the Zimbabwe Republic Police showing that out of the 121 cases of political violence, 101 have been attributed to the MDC-T, PM Tsvangirai’s sentiments have been described as ill timed and smacking of hidden political motives.

“This is cheap politicking meant to score political mileage in face of a conference arranged by his western sponsors,” political analyst, Dr Maxwell Hove said.

Prior to his utterances at the Investment conference, the MDC-T leader has been under heavy criticism from Zimbabweans across all political divides after boycotting the National Anti Sanctions Campaign Petition launch last Wednesday.

The campaign seeks to collect over 2 million signatures from all Zimbabweans to show the west that the so called targeted sanctions after affecting the ordinary citizens.