The Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Church held its season seven conference in Chipinge where the gospel of prosperity preaching took centre stage, with the church saying the current economic challenges facing the country will soon pass.

Different preachers, some from Zambia, preached about healing, prosperity and restoration of marriages as the denomination believes better days are coming despite the huge economic challenges facing the country.

AFM Agape Resident Pastor Reverent Maxwell Chizumba said the season seven conference represents a prophetic number that represents perfection and better times to come.

“Season seven is a complete number and it clearly shows that we are approaching a time of healing, prosperity and restoration of marriages. As a church, we give advice that people must not cry but pray for their country as it shall be well with the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Reverend Chizumba also said it is the duty of the church to assist its members to start self-help projects to improve the lives of the people.