Primary health care has become elusive for many Zimbabweans especially in the rural areas and lately in the urban set-up, where water and sanitation issues have become a major concern.

It is against this background that the Community Working Group on Health is lobbying for the proper provision of primary health care across the country’s 10 provinces.

Community health leaders from all the country’s 10 provinces gathered in Harare to deliberate on various issues affecting health care delivery in the country.

One of the issues that came under the spotlight is primary health care.

Community Working Group on Health Executive Director, Mr Itayi Rusike said it is high time that challenges afflicting the country’s health sector are addressed.

“The government should increase budget allocation to health to at least 15 percent in line with the Abuja Declaration,” he said.

Community health leaders from various provinces highlighted specific challenges they are facing in their respective communities in as far as provision of primary health care is concerned, a situation which is compounded by lack of adequate funding.

The group marks its 20th anniversary this year, amid calls for the government to prioritise strengthening the national referral system as well as improving availability, accessibility and affordability of health services.