Vice President Retired General Dr Constantino Chiwenga has implored contestants in the harmonised elections to accept defeat with dignity and congratulate the eventual winners.

He said court officers should know that abusing the law can also land them in court.

As the clock slowly ticks towards d-day the date for the 2018 harmonised elections, Vice President Chiwenga was in the sprawling settlement of Caledonia where over 30 000 families live without basic amenities and facilities including clean water and sanity facilities.

Addressing thousands at Caledonia settlement in Goromonzi this afternoon, the Vice President said it is undignified of those who would have lost to allege that elections were not free and fair and resort to violence.

MDC Alliance leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa is on record proclaiming they will be no result other than a win for him as any other outcome would be the result of rigging.

His legal advisor Thabani Mpofu also repeated such sentiments when he addressed the media on Thursday (yesterday) in the capital.

Vice President Chiwenga said it is unfortunate for a court officer not to abide by law but choose to incite violence instead.

“Prepare for voting on Monday and be prepared to accept either victory or loss if you are not prepared to lose,” he said.

Vice President Chiwenga also spoke strongly against independent candidates campaigning using President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s name and party regalia saying once fired from the party the members have no right to use Zanu PF regalia and the President’s name.

On the development plan for the sprawling settlement, the Vice President said no Zimbabwean should live without basic necessities like clean water, schools and health institutions.

Government is coming up with a comprehensive master plan for a proper settlement with a desire to uplift the lives of all citizens.

“The master plan includes a primary health care facility and a fully equipped hospital to enable residents of Caledonia to take advantage of the exemptions given to children under five, the elderly of 65 years and above as well as maternity fees for expectant mothers and free blood infusion,” said Vice President Chiwenga.

Dr Chiwenga spoke of the Kunzvi dam construction for the provision of clean water to Harare including Caledonia, Chitungwiza, Norton, empowerment projects for the peri-urban area and rural setting as well as addressing the issue of land barons.

He once more denounced the land barons who were responsible for allocating stands in the haphazard settlement saying government is now in possession of the report on who the land barons are and how much they swindled the desperate home seekers.

He said each and everyone of the land barons will be answerable irrespective of their social and political standing.

Vice President Chiwenga stressed on the need to establish industries for job creation for the people of Caledonia and that they should take advantage of the special economic zones that is coming to Ruwa to avoid traveling all the way to the City of Harare for work and upgrading the status of Goromonzi to town status.

Politburo member Dr Sydney Sekeramayi, Mashonaland East Minister of State David Musabayana, Mashonaland East provincial chairman Joel Biggie Matiza, Deputy National Commissar Omega Hungwe, aspiring Goromonzi South National Assembly member Petronella Kagonye, ZILWACO executive member Mrs Gandiya and others attended the rally.