About Us

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is the national broadcaster responsible for bringing news, entertainment, education and information to Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe and beyond. The ZBC operates six radio stations and one television station, providing a mix of news, current affairs, educational programming and music, in English, Shona and Ndebele with National FM covering all the 16 languages in the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Local radio stations run hourly news bulletins which range from two minutes to the longest being a ten-minute bulletin on weekends and holidays.


To be the leading, customer-driven and competitive broadcaster

Mission Statement

Produce high-quality content that is innovative and commercially viable and projects the Zimbabwean voice and upholding Pan–African values

Core Values

The corporation is guided by the following core values in all its internal and external activities and interactions:

Excellence The corporation commits itself to achieving the best in strategy planning activities, operational processes, infrastructure, organizational culture and service delivery.
Creativity The corporation shall continuously explore new ways of doing things at all levels and in all activities.
Accountability The corporation commits itself to a high degree of accountability and provides the shareholder and other relevant stakeholders with timely and balanced factual information.
Teamwork The corporation shall promote and nurture team spirits across departments and service delivery partners, to enhance value to customers
Efficiency The Corporation shall use its financial and human resources in the most optimal way to achieve high performance.
Ethical conduct The Corporation shall always uphold the highest ethical standards in all activities and towards all stakeholders.
Professionalism All departments and categories of employees shall conduct themselves in a professional way.
Stakeholder & Customer Satisfaction Our customers and stakeholders will come first in everything the Corporation does and in its use of time and resources.
Staff Welfare The Corporation recognizes that employees are its most valuable asset and therefore commits itself to continuously improving the quality of work life for staff and strive to keep them satisfied all the time.