aag logo.jpgLocal pressure group, Affirmative Action Group (AAG) has expressed concern with the reluctance by FMI Energy Zimbabwe to hand over ten percent of the shareholding to employees as well as the continued termination of local dealers’ lease agreements.

FMI Energy Zimbabwe acquired shareholding in BP and Shell Marketing Services.

The company is alleged to be at logger heads with its employees and fuel dealers following termination of employees’ contracts and as well as dealers’ lease agreements.

Contrary to an agreed position that workers would be given ten percent shares in the new company, FMI is still to fully honor its pledge.

AAG Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Davison Gomo, said the empowerment group is concerned at the failure by FMI to abide by the terms of the deal, adding that if no corrective measures are taken by the relevant authorities, the deal is likely to set a very dangerous precedent.

“We have also been told that FMI and all its related companies are on a massive programme that is bringing white people in all key management positions resulting in all blacks losing out or being left out completely. It this is true, government must very immediately introduce rules that require certain position to be held by locals especially areas of finance and procurement,” said Gomo.

Last year, Youth, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere also expressed concern at the company’s

unwillingness to comply with the demands of the deal.

The workers were meant to be assimilated into the shareholding six months from the date of the deal, but to date, nothing has happened.

Instead, workers have been given notices of dismissal.

Said Gomo, “We need to have additional laws over and above immigration rules that ensure our people are not left in the cold. All expatriates at FMI and its related companies must justify the value of their expertise and experience. Zimbabwe produces some of the finest Chartered Accountants in the world, why then should we allow floodgates to open to anyone at the expense of our own people.”