aag logo.jpgLocal empowerment pressure group, Affirmative Action Group (AAG) has expressed concern at the recent appointment of a Swiss national, Mr. John Swain as the new boss of Telecel Zimbabwe and has described the move as a breach of the indigenisation drive.

In a statement, AAG Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Davison Gomo expressed disappointment at the appointment of the Swiss national ahead of locals, adding that the country can not carry on appeasing foreigners on jobs that local people can do.

The empowerment pressure group has since asked the firm to give a convincing reason why it believes there are no deserving Zimbabweans to fill the post.

According to the statement, appointing a foreign national to the position of Managing Director could be construed as a vote of no confidence in the abilities and capabilities of indigenous people.

The mobile operator recently announced the appointment of Swain as the new Managing Director.

The Swiss national is replacing the outgoing boss, Mr. Aimable Mpore who left the country last year after failing to renew his work permit.

It is believed that Mr. Swan is yet to get a work permit despite his appointment.