LIVE UPDATES: Official renaming of ZDF barracks

LIVE UPDATES: Official renaming of ZDF barracks

Live updates by: Thembinkosi Mangena and Wadazai Mhombera


10:26 – The singing of the National Anthem once again marks the end of proceedings and some members of the ZDF are now going to the Zimbabwe Staff College where there is a graduation ceremony.

10:15 – After President Mnangagwa’s address, now we hear from the widow of the late General Tongo, Cde Angeline.

She says this is the biggest day in the history of her late husband. She thanks the ZDF Commander-in-Chief and the ZDF Commander for the honour bestowed General Tongo and the Tongogara family. She also says it is sad that his husband died just after the liberation struggle and could not live to enjoy the fruits of was he sacrificed his life for.

10:04 – He says Cde Tongogara strongly yearned for the unity of ZANLA and ZIPRA and this culminated in his election as the leader of the joint command of the two liberation armies in Tanzania in 1962. Cde Tongogara was deputised by Rogers Cde Alfred Nikita Mangena.

09:58 – In describing Cde Tongo, the President routes former President Robert Mugabe’s words, describing him as ‘always a very frank man, who spoke his mind.’ He also quotes the late President of Mozambique, who described him as a ‘simple soldier who grew in stature.’ 

“All in all he was a Pan African soldier, committed to bring true liberation of Africans,” says President Mnangagwa.

09:52 – In the renaming process, Cde Mnangagwa says: “We rid ourselves of the colonial mentality. Ghost of colonialism has been exorcised by the renaming of these barracks.”

09:49 – Full list of renamed barracks

09:47 – President Mnangagwa addresses the gathering.

09:43 – President Mnangagwa unveils the plaque bearing the name of Gen. Josiah Magama Tongogara.
Proceedings underway 

09:29 – Major General Nyikayaramba invites the Minister of Defence, Security and War Veterans, Cde Kembo Mohadi to say a few words and invite the guest of honour, President E.D Mnangagwa to address delegates.

09:16 – Major General Nyikayaramba says KGVI Barracks was named to honour the colonial King George VI’s so called heroics during the World War II, adding Zimbabwe so it prudent to rename barracks after its own gallant son, Cde Tongogara, who sacrifice his life for a free Zimbabwe. 

09:13 –  Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) Chief of Staff – Administration), Major General Douglas Nyikayaramba addresses delegates and chronicles the life of the late Gen. Tongogara, who was born in 1940 in Shurugwi and died on 26 December, 1979. 

New names according to 17 November Government Gazzette:

Cranborne Cantonment Area  – Charles Gumbo Barracks

Old Cranborne  – Kaguvi Barracks.

Brady Barracks – Mzilikazi Barracks

Karuyana Barracks – Chitekedza Barracks

HQ3 Brigade Barracks – Herbert Chitepo Barracks

Chipinga Cantonment Area – William Ndangana Barracks.

HQ4 Brigade Barracks – Gava Musungwa Zvinavashe Barracks

Second Battalion – Masvingo Barracks

Gutu Barracks -Chinomukutu Barracks.


09:12 – After the singing of the National Anthem, Cde Mnangagwa inspects a guard of honour.

09:11 – The Tongogara family is present at the ceremony, led by Mrs Tongogara and the children of the late national hero, among them, Hondo, Tichafa, Simba, Ranger and Nyaradzo.

09:05 – The President and Commander in Chief of the ZDF, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa’s arrival signals the beginning of the proceedings, and now sounding is the National Anthem.


09:03 – Proceedings at the official renaming ceremony of Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) barracks is underway in Harare.

The event is taking place at the KGVI, which will today be renamed after the late national hero and ZANLA Commander, General Josiah Magama Tongogara.

Other barracks countrywide are to be officially renamed after Zimbabwe’s gallant sons and heroes of the liberation struggle.

Speaking on Monday, ZDF Spokesperson, Colonel Overson Mugwisi said the event is an official launch of the renaming exercise of barracks in line with ongoing ZDF efforts of restoring the country’s liberation legacy.

Colonel Mugwisi also said most of the changes will embrace names of Zimbabwe’s liberation war luminaries of the second Chimurenga.



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