The body of a four year old boy who reportedly went missing in January this year has been discovered in an unused and uncovered water well in Ushewokunze, Harare South.

Young Munodaishe Nokutenda Chananukwa went missing on the 23rd of January this year and a police report was made with the Southlea Park Police Station.

Until Monday evening, the mother had been on a continued search only to receive the news of the discovery of the remains of her son at a nearby water well.

“My son was playing with the rest of the kids here but he left saying he wanted to go home to drink water. From that moment, I never saw him again and was always searching for him,” said Tariro Zonde, the mother of the deceased.

“I was fetching some sticks and when went near the well, I saw the boy’s feet of on top of the water,” said Devine Chisora, an eyewitness.

By the time the ZBC News crew left the scene of the incident, the body of child was still inside the well but it was later confirmed that it was later retrieved in fragmented parts.

“I can confirm that a body a four year old boy was today discovered in a well in Ushewokunze, Harare South. A missing person report was made in January. We urge parents to monitor the movement of their kids and also for people to protect their wells to avoid these unfortunate incidents,” ZRP Spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said.

Incidents of children drowning in unprotected wells continue to present headaches for authorities and families in many communities who are now mostly relying on these wells for water.