exhumed body 3.jpgThe Fallen Heroes of Zimbabwe Trust has exhumed more than 280 bodies from a disused mine in Mt Darwin, providing evidence of massive human rights atrocities committed by the Ian Smith-led government in pre-independent Zimbabwe.

The bodies were exhumed from a disused mine which belonged to a Germany company in Ruya village which is under Chief Kandeya in Mt Darwin.

A number of prominent politicians and ordinary people disappeared during the liberation struggle and it is hoped that the exhumation may help solve the mystery of their whereabouts.

The Chief Exhumer of the trust, Cde Jimmy Motsi said there are still more than 400 bodies in the mine shaft.

War veterans, war collaborators and ordinary people from various provinces are in the area to assist in the exhumation.

Zimbabwe War Veterans Association Secretary General for Manicaland Province, Cde Godfrey Chitakira said the existence of the remains show that the Rhodesian government committed genocide.