The National Blood Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ) has assured the nation that the national blood bank has enough stocks to cater for emergencies and they have also augmented collection activities to ensure stocks will not run dry.

NBSZ Chief Executive Officer Ms Lucy Marowa told the ZBC News that they have in stock a week’s supply including supplies of blood group ‘O’.

“We have enough blood stocks to take us through the Easter holidays. We carried out intense campaigns in the last two weeks of the school term and we also approached communities for blood donation and I am glad to announce that as we seat we have 3 000 units of blood that are available for use as and when they are required by our client hospitals. As we speak the blood stocks are enough to cover us for the next five days,” she said.

The Easter holiday is usually the bloodiest in terms of road carnage and demand for blood usually soars during this period.