Zvishavane district hospital has been caught up in a litany of allegations pointing at serious corruption and mal-administration.

Staff at the institution allege that there is abuse of the Results Based Fund (RBF), nepotism when it comes to selecting those who attend capacity building workshops and lack of basic equipment such as syringes to a point where adult needles have even been used on infants.

Furthermore, they accuse management of paying them as little as $14 from the RBF donor fund when their counterparts in other hospitals and health institutions around the country are getting as much as $300.

There are no proper answers from the hospital management except ducking tactics. Messages and questions put to the hospital administrator got the response: “I am sending your concerns to my boss for attention.”

After getting the same questions, the District Medical Officer at the hospital replied: “Can you set up a meeting with the management.”

The meeting was not to be after the administrator raised concerns that the management has other matters to attend to outside town.

Newly born babies are also alleged to have even sustained cockroach bites in the paediatric wards due to unhygienic conditions.

While health institutions continue grappling with challenges, reports from the Auditor General over the years have unearthed gross misuse of funds with perpetrators not being brought to account.

As to when such crises will get attention also remains a question in the public domain especially at a time when disease outbreaks are being reported in other parts of the country.