The founder and chief executive officer of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg will today testify before US lawmakers in a case where the tech giant was involved in largest data privacy breach ever with a private data analysis company, Cambridge Analytica.


Before the 2016 US presidential election, Cambridge Analytica was allowed access to personal information of over 87 million users which was used for political profiling of the users ahead of elections.

This sparked a wave of criticism by both regulatory authorities and users as to the security and privacy of personal information for users of social media platform.

Today Zukerberg is to appear before US lawmakers to answer questions about the adequacy of security tools in order to avoid future data leaks.

Revelations are that malicious actors might also have used Facebook’s search tools to gain access to over 2 billion facebook users.

Zimbabwe is coming up with a national cyber security policy that will ensure that the country is safe and secure from these data breaches and leaks.