The industrial index continued its strong performance in today’s trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) as it gained a further 2.77 points to close at 228.42 points, and move closer to an all time high of 233.18 points.

The mining index however slipped 0.23 points to close at 69.54 points.

This Tuesday’s session was characterised by gains across the board for the industrial index. SIMBISA gained a hefty 3.69 cents to close at 41.19 cents, PADENGA increased by 1.75 cents to trade at 42.00 cents and SEEDCO added 1.45 cents to close at 157.75 cents.

Other gains were in the cement manufacturer, PPC, which was 1.31 cents higher at 72.56 cents; DELTA, which rose by 1.16 cents to close at 137.01 cents and AFDIS, which went up 1.00 cents to close at 66.00 cents.

The industrial index had no counters which traded in the negative territory.

The mining index slipped 0.23 points to close at 69.54 points after BINDIRA eased 0.03 cents to close at 2.42 cents.

FALGOLD, HWANGE and RIOZIM remained unchanged at previous trading levels at 1.20 cents, 2.60 cents and 60.25 cents in that order.