The main all share index almost remained flat weighed down by losses registered in penny stocks whilst the rand almost broke the R12 barrier against the US dollar after news of president Jacob Zuma’s possible stepping down gained traction.

The main all share index was almost flat with tiny gains of 0.01 percent.

The industrial index also gained by a similar margin to close at 305.73 whilst the top 10 index lost by almost 0.1 percent to close at 90.50.

Trading on mining counters remained subdued as the index remained unchanged from Friday – 305.73.

The main gainers on the all share index were Willdale which was 8.33 percent up and CBZ which shot to 9.52 cents, a gain of 5.78 percent.

Old Mutual and Delta were also in the positive territory registering minor gains of 0.8 percent and 0.61 percent respectively.

National Foods and Zimre were in the red losing 4 percent and 1.23 percent respectively.

PHL and telecoms counter Econet eased by tiny margins of 0.27 percent and 0.1 percent respectively.

In regional markets, the JSE all share index was almost flat gaining 267.89 cents to 61180.77 cents, a percentage gain of 0.44 percent. 

The US dollar lost ground against all the major regional currencies.

In South Africa, the rand gained 0.58 percent to 12.11 per one USD on the back of positive political developments in the country.

The Botswana pula was trading at 9.68 whilst the Namibian dollar was 12.106 per one US dollar.

The Zambian kwacha also registered small gains of 0.55 percent to close at 9.80.

In global currencies, traders were paying 6.401 yuan for one US dollar whilst the US dollar was traded for 1.25 against the Australian dollar.

The pound firmed by a mere 0.5 percent to close at 0.815 against the greenback.

The euro was almost unchanged from Friday’s trading of 0.72 against the US dollar.