The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange has started the week on a higher note on the back of gains by the two trading indices.

The industrial index gained 0.60 percent to close at 420.91 points while the resources index was 6.44 percent up to end at 130.46 points.

Edgars rose by 16 percent to 5.80 cents, FBC was 9.09 percent up to end at 24.00 cents, Old Mutual gained by 4.93 percent to 964.59 cents and Bat was 2.48 percent higher to close at 3100.00 cents.

Losers included Willdale whose share price dropped by 18.99 percent to 0.64 cents, Turnall was 10.00 percent down to 1.26 cents, RTG shed 7 percent to 0.93 cents, Meikles was 2.15 cents down to 38.16 cents and Fidelity declined by 1.09 percent to 13.60 cents.

On the mining’s, Bindura gained by 20 percent to 6.00 cents.