Trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange started the week on a high note with the industrial index leading in terms of gains.

The industrial index opened the week higher at 193.02 points after adding 1.87 points, while the mining or resources index was steady at 69.79 points.

Gains continue to be recorded across the board as Lafarge was 5.00 cents solid at 50.00 cents, Seedco moved up 1.00 cents to close at 140.00 cents and Econet recovered 0.93 cents to settle at 34.00 cents.

First Mutual rose by 0.80 cents to close at 10.60 cents, Barclays was up by 0.68 cents to 4.08 cents and Masimba added 0.60 cents to settle at 3.70 cents.

Axia was the only counter that traded in the negative territory after dropping 0.20 cents to close at 9.50 cents.

The mining counters were unchanged at previous trading levels.