Shocking revelations pointing towards alleged abuse of funds at the Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) have emerged with a report tabled at a special general meeting citing several flaws and lack of good governance by the past administration.

Allegations bordering around criminal lines emerged from an internal report tabled at a ZRU special general meeting held at the weekend.

According to the report cash withdrawals were done every two days for the period January 2017-July 2017 with the purposes of the funds unclear.

The report also sights that two payments were made to Dominican Convent and there is lack of clarity on the purpose of the funds deposited to the school.

The document also cited the existence of an NMB account not fully known, with signatories said to be past administrators.

Questions were also raised over a re-imbursement claim made by former president Nyararai Sibanda for air ticket, accommodation, visa fees and a subsistence allowance to attend a World Rugby conference yet World Rugby allegedly provides accommodation, food and flight tickets to attendees.

The report further claims Sibanda awarded himself travel and subsistence allowances of $250 per trip to Harare with no supporting documentation and receipts given.

It is alleged a ZRU bank file with comprehensive records is said to be still in the possession of suspended treasurer Joseph Lambert despite pleas for the return of the file.

ZRU  chief executive officer Blessing Chiutare confirmed the special general meeting was in agreement with the internal report resulting in a vote of no confidence being passed on the Sibanda led board. 

Efforts to reach Sibanda and former vice president Noddy Kanyangarara for a comment on the allegations were fruitless as their mobile phones were not reachable until time of broadcast.

Other governance issues relating to human resources are also included in the report with allegations of appointments made unprocedurally highlighted.