augustine chihuriss.jpgThe Zimbabwe Republic Police has warned business people to be on the look out for fraudsters conning people through electronic means involving foreign bank accounts and foreign companies.

In a statement the Criminal Investigation Department spokesperson Inspector Augustine Zimbili said six people have so far lost over R2 000 000 000  after falling prey to conmen masquerading as buyers or representatives of mining companies.

The fraudsters are duping people into buying or making huge orders for mining tools such as diamond/granite or grooved surface cutters.

Inspector Zimbili said the fraudsters use false names and addresses and purport to represent mining companies that do not exist.

Some of the transactions are being done through e-mails.

Police advised the business community and individuals to be weary of deals that promise to quickly yield huge dividends and urged business people to verify particulars of individuals claiming to be companies’ representatives.

To date, cases of cyber crime had been relatively low in the country but are prevalent in West Africa.