The Zimbabwe Republic Police has urged motorists to exercise due diligence and caution during the forthcoming Heroes and Defence Forces holidays.

Road carnage during public holidays has been a perennial problem for the country despite various awareness programmes aimed at reducing accidents.

Just four days before the Heroes and Defence Forces holidays, the ZRP is once again reminding motorists to be cautions and avoid carnage on the roads.

ZRP spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba says police will be deploying in full force to ensure there is effective monitoring of driving behaviour on the back of an upsurge in the number of under-age drivers for public vehicles.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Charamba also advised the public to ensure their safety in the wake of a wave of armed robbery cases in Harare.

Road carnage statistics for Zimbabwe are worrying and the situation is mainly due to speeding and human error with the poor road infrastructure necessitating the need for extra caution on the roads.