innocent matibiri.jpgThe Zimbabwe Republic Police says it will channel all its resources to curb serious crimes such as armed robbery and murder. This follows the continued attack on police officers by armed robbers.


Zimbabwe Republic Police Deputy Commissioner,General Innocent Matibiri says the continued attack on police officers by criminals will not be taken lightly by the organisation.


 General Matibiri said it is a very serious offence for anyone to attack officers on duty.

Two Bulawayo police officers escaped death by a whisker after armed robber Victor Mpofu shot and seriously injured them. Sergeant Sheunesu Dhewa and Constable Tawanda Gondo said despite the challenges they face in the discharge of their duties they will continue fighting criminals.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police CID department is known for its dedication to curb serious crimes. However the attack on some of its officers will remain a major concern to the organisation.


The much publicized case of the late Detective Sergeant Joseph Maximus who was shot and killed by armed robbers and the subsequent arrest of the perpetrators within a short space of time is indicative of the serious danger posed by armed robbers and the need to deal decisively with ruthless criminals.