zrp.jpgThe Zimbabwe Republic Police says it is prepared and committed to preserving peace and stability in the country during the general elections expected to be held next year.


Addressing returning officers from United Nations peace-keeping missions in Sudan and Liberia, Deputy Commissioner General Human Resources, Levy Sibanda, said the police has a mandate to maintain public order during elections.

“Our role as the ZRP is very simple. We preserve peace and forge public order during these elections. It is our obligation to bring to book all people despite their station and stature in life who are bent on nefarious activities targeted to erode the nation’s economic strength through illegal and sloppy business practices,” he said.

Some of the officers who took part in the peacekeeping operations said they have gained a lot of exposure that has improved their policing skills.

A total of 20 officers comprising 6 women and 14 men successfully completed their one year tour of duty in international peace keeping operations.

Zimbabwe has a competent police force which has discharged its duties with distinction in peace keeping missions around the world.