The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says the ongoing restructuring of the police force which will see the abolishment of some senior positions is not a witch-hunt but a deliberate exercise aimed at improving service delivery, operational effectiveness and promoting policing excellence.

The ZRP has confirmed the ongoing restructuring of the organisation which will result in notable changes in the structure including abolishment of certain posts and the merging as well as thinning of some sections.

According to the police the restructuring which is not a new phenomenon will see more officers being available for operational duties.

Addressing senior police officers during a meeting held as part of the tour of Matabeleland North Province in Hwange, ZRP Commissioner General Godwin Matanga assured the police force that no one will be made redundant owing to the restructuring exercise and reminded the officers of the need to prioritise policing excellence, professionalism and discipline.

“As you might be aware the process has seen some hard decisions being taken, for instance the abolishment of certain posts and the merging or thinning of some sections. In this regard the best interest of the organisation will be pursued,” he said.

The Commissioner General took time to lay out the new vision for the organisation based on dedication, accountability, honesty and integrity.

He reminded the police officers of the critical role they are expected to play in contributing to the creation and sustenance of a conducive environment for free, fair and credible elections.

ZRP national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said there is nothing unusual about the ongoing restructuring process of the force adding that the exercise is not a witch-hunt but a deliberate exercise meant to enhance operational effectiveness.

“The police is currently carrying out the restructuring in line with the Commissioner General’s vision to improve operational effectiveness and service delivery by looking at some top ranks and abolishing them to avail for officers for operational duties,” she said.

According to the proposed restructuring plan which will still require the endorsement of the parent ministry and the Public Service Commission, the rank of commissioner will be abolished and the current posts will cease to exist upon retirement while the police training depot will be headed by an Assistant Commissioner styled commandant depot.