inspector sabau 21.10.10.jpgThe Zimbabwe Republic Police has impounded over 75 unregistered vehicles in an operation code-named ‘Operation Bvanyangu’ which was launched on Wednesday.


The crackdown was launched last Wednesday amid suspicions that some of the unregistered vehicles were used to commit crimes.


Most of the recently imported vehicles are expected to be registered with the Central Vehicle Registry in conformity with the country’s laws.


Harare province Police Spokesperson, Inspector James Sabau said the impounded vehicles are parked at various police stations across the capital pending investigations.


“There is a worrying trend in which we suspect that unregistered vehicles are being used to commit armed robberies. It makes the police job difficult to trace the criminals because of lack of registration,” Inspector Sabau said.


The operation is also aimed at compelling motorists to acquire current vehicle licenses with reports indicating that there are some fake licenses in circulation.