Police in Gwanda have banned the carrying of dangerous weapons in public places for three months as these have been used to commit serious crimes in the district.

The dangerous weapons include catapults, machetes, knobkerries, swords, knives, spears and daggers and any traditional weapons.

The ban which started on the 15th of June ends on the 15 September 2018.

ZRP Officer Commanding Gwanda District Chief Superintendent Enock Sibanda said the prohibition order which is in terms of section 14(1) of the Public Order and Security Act Chapter 11:7 follows concern over the use of these dangerous weapons to commit crimes such as murder and assault.

Chief Superintendent Sibanda said most of these crimes have taken place in mining areas and public drinking spots.

“As a regulatory authority, I am banning the carrying and selling in a public place of offensive weapons, which are likely to cause public disorder and breach of peace and this ban covers areas in Gwanda policing districts,” said Chief Superintendent Sibanda.

Police have since plastered posters at various public places to raise awareness about the ban.

Those found guilty of the offence are liable to a fine or imprisonment for six months or both.

Meanwhile, police have urged all political parties to uphold peace and display tolerance before, during and after the general elections.

 “I also implore political parties during this campaign period to carry out campaigns peacefully without violence because the police will not take lightly form of violence,” he added.

According to the police, Gwanda district has not recorded any politically-motivated cases violence.  

In a show of commitment to a violent free election, 20 presidential aspirants in the July 30 elections signed a peace pledge this Tuesday.