zrp2.jpgThe Christian community in Chitungwiza, in partnership with the Zimbabwe Republic Police, have launched a campaign to curb criminal activities in the town, amid calls for church leaders to lead by example by living lives that are exemplary.

The Chitungwiza Christian Community Against Crime Campaign was launched at the town’s community hall with calls that church leaders should take a lead in shunning criminal activities.

This follows a number of cases which saw men of the cloth being prosecuted with others being sent to prison after being found on the wrong side of the law.

While such incidences have left the public losing confidence in the church, Overseer Cosmas Chabarwa of the ZAOGA Church says pastors must lead exemplary lives.

Another member of the campaign Pastor Takesure Tarupiwa of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM) says church leaders must walk the talk. 

Speaking at the official launch of the campaign, Acting Officer Commanding Harare Province, Assistant Commissioner Angela Guvamombe said churches must play a crucial role in shaping the society.

“Pastors must be guided by the police code of conduct and I urge the community to shun corruption and report all cases to authorities,” said Ass Com Guvamombe.

The church is the latest group to join the police in fighting crime following the business community which has chipped in through sponsoring awards which seek to recognise police officers who excel in their duties.