The sprouting of open foods stalls in the capital have become a ticking time bomb, as they do not meet minimum health standards stipulated by the city health department.
A potential health hazard is looming in Harare following the proliferation of dozens of backyard kitchens in business and residential areas which are selling cooked meals.

The trend which is fast growing in the capital has led Harare residents to call on the City Council to close the open fast food stalls which are a breeding ground for different diseases as some are operating even near dump sites.

People who spoke to ZBC News said if responsible authorities do not take action a cholera outbreak could re-emerge.

In an interview, Harare City Council Health Department Director, Doctor Stanley Mungofa said the council is going to join hands with the Zimbabwe Republic Police to curb the situation.

Harare has been hit by typhoid, another disease which is related to unhygienic environment.

There are fears that not much is being done to combat the disease as city authorities are not swift in addressing the root of the problem.