police force.jpgJust like other government departments, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has been adversely affected by illegal sanctions slapped on the country by Western Nations thereby compromising the justice delivery system.

On several occasions the Zimbabwe Republic Police has been criticised for failing to attend scenes of crime on time. While the police have taken time to explain to the public their challenges, it appears this is a difficult task since issues to do with crime are mostly to do with human life.


In some cases, police have ended up using complainants’ vehicles due to critical transport shortages that have hit the law enforcement agents but technically such actions compromise the justice delivery system.
While the public expect the police force to safeguard their lives and property, such a scenario can only occur if resources are availed. But just like other governments departments, illegal sanctions that have been imposed on the country by western nations have taken their toll.


The police vehicle fleet has almost been wiped out with only a fifth of the fleet operational.


The Santana and Defender vehicles were imported from Europe but when sanctions were effected, it became impossible.


The Zimbabwe Republic Police has also been criticised for failing to provide requisite machinery to reduce road carnage with some people mocking their speed track machines as hair driers.


Police Chief Spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena said it has almost become impossible for the police to fulfill their mandate as law enforcers.


Basic needs such as uniforms and accommodation have become a luxury in the police. While the issue of illegal sanctions remains political, criminals have no boundaries and know no political affiliations and everyone is affected.


Harare lawyer Mr. Aston Musunga while acknowledging that the ZRP has been hard hit said illegal sanctions have affected the whole country and should be lifted.


While the condemnation of the illegal sanctions has come from almost all sectors, the US and the European Union have extended them by another year thus dashing hopes of a quick solution to the country’s woes.


But as stakeholders ponder to find a way forward, innocent people are falling victim to criminals while the police helplessly and painfully watch.


On their part, the ZRP has commendably tried to maintain law and order and safeguard human life and property but there is need to redirect even the little available resources to critical sectors.