spt andrew phiri.jpgThe Zimbabwe Republic Police has confirmed that the MDC-T is responsible for the eruption of political violence across the country saying the party has for the past few months been a major culprit especially during the run-up to their congress.


Responding to a report published by a local daily, Newsday, which alleges that Zanu PF has unleashed political violence across the country, the Zimbabwe Republic Police says records show clearly that MDC-T is the major perpetrator of political violence which were recovered in most provinces ahead of their congress held last month.


In a telephone interview with ZBC News, Police Spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri warned political parties against trying to destabilise the country through acts of political violence and said the culprits will be dealt with accordingly. 

“It is very clear that the MDC-T is responsible for most of the cases of political violence reported across the country. It is well documented and the national report confirms it,” said Superintendent Phiri.

Responding to allegations by the MDC-T that four of its supporters were kidnapped in Mbare, Superintendent Phiri said the party should follow procedures of reporting cases and the matters should be left in the hands of capable authorities.

According to a report realised by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the MDC-T tops the list in national political violence records as demonstrated by intra-party clashes during the provincial elections and the congress.

The report indicates that from January to April this year, MDC- T party has been involved in more than 20 incidences of violence though it has blamed Zanu PF.