Representatives from corporates and teachers graduated in an industrial and advanced first aid training programme as the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society (ZRCS) stepped up efforts to enhance disaster risk reduction and emergency preparedness in the country.

343 teachers and representatives graduated in Mutare after going through a disaster risk reduction training programme.

The ZRCS programme has laid a strong foundation for community based solutions to deal with humanitarian challenges says acting provincial administrator, Mr Edgars Seenza.

He said there is need to mainstream disaster risk management and equip society with emergency, disaster response and preparedness as well as life saving skills to avert unnecessary loss of human lives.

Programme implementers the ZRCS added it is important that information should cascade down to grassroots communities so that they are capacitated on how to be always prepared for emergency disasters and how to respond to the disasters and the skills necessary for them to avoid loss of live.

The district schools inspector for Mutare, Mr Zacharia Chikwangani said training programme comes at an opportune time where communities need to build stronger and resilient measures in the face of obtaining disaster, emergency and humanitarian challenges.

The country lost a number of human lives during emergencies, accidents or disasters primarily due to the fact that at times no one would be able to provide first aid.