zps logo.jpgThe Zimbabwe Prison Services has been commended for establishing an institute of correctional services which aims to give professional education to inmates and former inmates as a rehabilitation measure.


Dr Noah Pashapa is the Interim Chairman for the National Council of the Institute of Correctional Services.

The institute is expected to capacitate inmates and ex-inmates with professional skills as part of rehabilitation.

Permanent Secretary for Higher and Tertiary Education, Dr Washington Mbizvo hailed the programme as strategic and pledged the support of the ministry.

Dr Pashapa said the move will reduce crime and ensure successful rehabilitation of offenders.


“We want to ensure a reduction of crime through offering programmes that integrate ex-inmates with the society,” said Dr Pashapa.


An executive from a local bank who partnered the initiative, Mr Peter Zimunya said the programme is valuable and should be supported by the corporate sector.


“This is a good initiative which deserves the support of everyone as it gives inmates and ex-inmates a second chance in life,” Mr Zimunya said.

The programme will see inmates and ex-inmates studying and acquiring professional qualifications in their areas of choice.