paralympic athlete.jpgThe Zimbabwe Paralympics Committee (ZPC) says it is fighting to break the stigmatisation of athletes with disabilities in order for them to express their full artistry in the sporting field.

The ZPC gathered to map out an action plan for the revival of sports for people with disabilities with the view of stamping out stigma.

Committee president, Michael Muza said his committee is positioning the acceptance of athletes with disability as equal sportspersons as a major priority in this revival campaign.

“We want to remove this idea of identifying sportspersons with disabilities as disabled people, instead we want to create them as paralympians so that society accepts them as equal sports people and not as disabled persons,” said Muza.

Muza cited his institution’s concerns over lack of athlete friendly sporting facilities and mentors who are trained to coach athletes with disabilities.

“In our strategic plan we are also touching on raising awareness on the need for proper facilities for our athletes. It is a case of adaptation and putting a few changes as even amongst the trainers there are no coaches properly trained to tutor disabled persons,” added Muza.

The 2-day strategic meeting being attended by umbrella associations is also capacitating the new committee which was ushered into office in August last year.