A governance strategy and policy development workshop to promote and develop sustainable sport has been held in Harare.

A total of 22 participants drawn from different national sport associations across the country were equipped with prerequisite skills and knowledge on how to run their respective associations.

The development comes after the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC) partnered with the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) for the hosting of the governance – strategy and policy development workshop which enhanced administrative skills.

“These workshops are essential when it comes to policy implementation. They help a lot especially for us administrators as sport has since moved from being a social cause but can also earn someone a living. So it all starts with the administrative issues which help shape the growth and development of sport,” said Secretary General Taekwondo Association of Zimbabwe, Cleopas Nyangoni.

“World over sport has become a source of livelihood and there’s every need for us as administrators to learn new trends and move away from the traditional style of sport administration,” said Basketball Association of Zimbabwe president, Joe Mujuru .

The Olympic committee has been on a drive to capacitate local sports administrators with the aim of improving the operations of local sport which sadly continue to be dogged by a lot of mismanagement.