The Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC) met with its stakeholders to find common ground in solving the bone of contention on board members voting rights.

Following the controversy on board members voting rights, ZOC held a constitution validation meeting to repeal the clause that mandated the board members to vote for themselves.

ZOC chairperson Justice Custom Kachambwa said the meeting sought to iron out the bone of contention on the voting matters while the committee’s vice president Thabani Gonye said they are using the meeting to highlight some of the changes that have happened at the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

“We are engaging with our stakeholders on board members voting rights in order to find a common solution,” said Kachambwa.

Gonye said; “We are using the platform to explain to our stake holders some of the changes that have happened at the IOC”.

The draft document has since seen the clause being removed only placing voting rights to national federations in line with worldwide trends.

The document is expected to be adopted at the next ZOC annual general meeting.