internet_surfing_with_laptop-other.jpgThe Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) is set to host the Information Communication Technology Symposium, which seeks to address economic challenges through embracing ICTs for economic growth.

The forthcoming symposium, which is scheduled for the 11th of next month, will attract ICT experts in the country to discuss on the challenges and successes made so far towards improving the use of ICTs and the internet.

In an interview with ZBC News in Harare, ZNCC Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andrew Matiza said the symposium was organised to ensure that there is an understanding among the business community on the role of ICTs in the growth of the economy.

“We came up with the idea after realising that in the economic discourse, growth is linked to productive sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and mining, while ICTs play an important role in leveraging that growth in other sectors.

Various topics will come under the spotlight such as banking the unbanked, business opportunities arising from mobile telephone and cultivating home grown solutions for ITCs challenges in Zimbabwe, among others.

The symposium will be held under the theme, “Embracing ICT for business growth.”

The country has been facing a number of challenges as far as connectivity is concerned and measures have been put in place such as the setting up of the fibre optic cable, which will be connected to the undersea cable for high speed connectivity.